The Book of Sin, introduced during the Tutorial, is one of the most important aspects of the game involved with increasing the strength of your forces and your main character.

General NotesEdit

-The Book of Sin is upgraded with Wickidness, obtained primarily through PvP activities in the Arena and a couple of other sources

-The Book is a very heavy source of Skill Points for your main character to use. Currently the only other known source is through heavily upgraded Miracle equipment.

-Upgrading the Book is the only method of increasing the number of servitors you can use in your active combat formation, up to 7 alongside your main character to end up with an 8-member team.

-Upgrading the Book is the only method of obtaining new Gems of Resonance, a powerful item for your main character.

-Upgrading the Book is the primary source of servitor Contracts, with very few ever being found elsewhere.

-Upgrading the Book is the only method of obtaining new equipment Totems for upgrade.

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