Classes are the choices from which players may select their main characters. There are currently five classes:

  • Cyclops, focusing on defense
  • Vampire, specializing in draining HP / MP / TP and dodging
  • Samurai, focusing on raw physical DPS
  • Faerie, a versatile magic class
  • Mummy a summoner and curse

This choice is made upon connecting to a new server and is permanent. Each server has support for only one character per account.

Skills Edit

Each class has three skill trees - "Basic" and two other trees unique to the class.

By default, all non-Basic skills can be raised only to rank 3. There are several ways to raise this cap:

  • If the player joins an Alliance and that Alliance researches the proper level of training, all members of that Alliance can raise their skills higher by each of them training the five levels of one of the Alliance training skills. Doing so allows for a fourth skillpoint to be trained into all of the skills of one of the six Ranks, if they have the skillpoints to do so.
  • All other boosts to the skills of the main character have to come as bonus points from equipment.

Main characters cannot learn the skills of [Servitors] (e.g. Bubble.)

Traditional weapon Edit

Each class has a traditional weapon type that, at rarities above Common (white), will often improve that class's skills:

  • Cyclops: Hammer
  • Vampire: Longsword
  • Samurai: Sabre
  • Faerie: Scythe
  • Mummy: Sceptre

Although any class can equip any weapon type, for the above reason it is best to stick to the traditional weapon type for one's main character.

Gems of Resonance Edit

Gems of Resonance are special items that can boost skill levels of main characters. They can be obtained from the Book of Sin.