The Cyclops is one of the classes you can select at the start of the game. He is a bit of a late-bloomer; many of the skills he needs to become quite viable don't really become available until quite a bit past level 30.

His skills revolve less around causing damage to the enemy; in terms of % basis off of his Physical and Magical Attack values his skills are among the lowest known, and he naturally gets almost no bonus to Hit unlike most other characters so his aim is pretty bad to boot. He does, however, have quite a number of skills that reduce the amount of damage the enemy can do to him or his allies, either through buffing his team's defense via a summoned rock totem (which he can later throw at someone) or debuffing the amount of damage the enemy can put out. His traditional weapon, the Hammer, boosts HP as well as the standard boost to Physical and Magical Attack. He also gets somewhat limited health regeneration capabilities. He focuses much more on single-target attacks than AoE abilities.

All in all the Cyclops is a much more defensive character than the others and relies quite a bit more on the attack capabilities of his servitors for causing damage.

For personality the Cyclops is portrayed as rather violent and, well, quite stupid.

Cyclops LineageEdit

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Cyclops SkillsEdit

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