Diablo is the starting miracle of Inferno Legend.


Increases the physical and magical damage of the entire team as it is leveled up. Aditionally, leveling this skill will grant your entire team a bonus to their Critical Hit Enhacement skill, increasing its level.

Sacred SkillEdit

Trial of Diablo (Master, damage can be higher or lower depending on how high your miracle level is.) - Deals 5957 extra damage to 6 targets, if the targets are 16 or more levels lower, there's a 30% chance to Awe (disables actions).


Hestia's Anvil - Strength

Prometheus's Flame - Stamina

Graeae's Eye - Intellect

Leveling articacts increases Trial of Diablo's extra damage. Aditionally, when an artifact reaches level 11, leveling it up further will increase the chance to Awe opponents.