The Bloody Altar, found in the earliest levels of the Wilderness through Exploration, allows you to sacrifice one Servitor to boost the strength of another.

How It WorksEdit

  • You can sacrifice once for free per day, further sacrifices in one day cost Diamonds
  • The Servitor placed in the upper slot is the Recipient, the one placed in the lower slot is the Fuel (Don't mix these up and destroy one of your favorite Servitors!)
  • The Fuel servitor gets destroyed in a Sacrifice but can be re-recruited again from wherever it was obtained as long as it isn't a Unique one
  • Upon a Sacrifice, the Recipient will gain Growth points that can be used to train new Skills to that Servitor. Also, if the Fuel servitor had any base Attribute point levels (Strength, Intellect, Physique, Agility) that were higher than those of the Recipient, the Recipient will also gain permanent point boosts to those Attributes.
  • The amount of Growth and Attribute Points transferred to the Recipient depends on the quality level of the Fuel. White servitors give 1 growth +1 for every Attribute point they were able to boost on the Recipient, and boosted Attributes are increased by 1 point. Blue Fuel servitors give double the Growth and stat point boosts if you can handle the increased cost of using them regularly.
  • It is considered flat-out insane to use Gold servitors as Fuel given their increadible cost and rarity, not to mention that Gold Souls have far more important uses than to burn on fuel. Given the prediction system in the altar it appears that Gold servitors give four times the benefits of White ones.

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