The Ancient Library is a skill scroll store that will be the primary source of the Passive skills you load onto your Servitors, as well as a few lower strength Active ones.

General NotesEdit

-The Ancient Library is one of the locations unlocked through Wilderness Exploration

-Every day players can withdraw a random skillbook from the Library for free. The skillbook can be of any of the passive or active skillbooks sold by the Library and will randomly be at level 1 to 3. This draw can be repeated for an increasing cost in Gold.

-Players can also pay Diamonds to get a random skillbook hard-set to level 3.

-Players can choose to Explode skillbooks they don't like to be granted some of the Learning Essence resource, with higher level books granting more Essence. One of the secondary Talents also increases the amount of Essence recieved.

-Once a player recieves enough Essence (minimum 1800 for all of the initially available skills) they can go into the Skill Store and purchase a skillbook from one of the skill sets. A purchased skillbook is always level 3 and they are broken into sets of 3-5 similar skills. The skillbook recieved will still be randomly chosen from that set, but with a much smaller set to choose from you are much more likely to get the book you want than the random draw.

-Note that all Skills will cost Growth points on the servitor you want to train depending on the level of the skillbook and how many skills the servitor already owns, so you will likely have to enhance the servitor several times in the Servant Sacrifice before you'll be able to train the servitor with the skill.

First Tier Purchasable SkillsEdit

To be continued...