Skills are the bread-and-butter techniques used by everyone and everything in a fight to attack, defend, heal, buff, debuff, or anything else. The correct sequence of skills from your main character and your active Servitors will literally make the difference between life and death in a fight.

General NotesEdit

-Skills come in two types: Active ones that need to be directly used in a round to have an effect, and Passive ones that apply a permanent effect to the unit.

-Skills are applied onto Servitors through the use of Skillbooks, obtained through various means. Using a Skillbook on a Servitor consumes Growth, obtained primarily through Servant Sacrifice at the Bloody Altar.

-Main Characters of all classes come with a specific set of skills both active and passive, and cannot use any Skillbooks.

-All Servitors come with one or two unique Active skills and a random collection of 1-3 common Passive skills.

-The Ancient Library in the Wilderness is the best source of Passive skills as well as a collection of lower strength Active ones.

-The maximum natural trainable level of Main Character skills is 3, as is the maximum level Servitor skills can get to through the Refresh system before they get recruited.

-The maximum skill levels of Main Characters can be increased past 3 through Training in an Alliance, several pieces of equipment and certain Miracles.

-The maximum skill levels of Servitors can be raised by certain Contracts, Miracles and a couple of special gems obtained through Puzzles in the Wilderness that can be used like a Skill Point for upgrading at very specific skill levels. Using these upgrade gems also consumes Growth on the Servitor.

-A special gem found through a Puzzle in the Wilderness will allow you to extract a copy of a Servitor Skill into a Skillbook, allowing it to be transferred to another Servitor. This is the only known method of transferring unique active Servitor skills between each other.

-Most Active and some Passive skills are restricted to use by Servitors of the corresponding Element.

-Initially all Servitors are able to equip up to 3 Active skills and 6 Passive ones. Gold Servitors can increase this at higher levels of Sub-Attribute training.

-Any Active skills that have a Cooldown period start a fight in Cooldown, so you will have to wait that many rounds before you can first use it in a fight.

-The Main Character and all Servitors have a 4 skill auto-queue. In automated combat, which Main Characters always do in PvP or manually trigger in PvE and Servitors do absolutely always, the active skills loaded in the Auto-Queue will fire in the specified sequence, one per round. At the end of four rounds the queue will be restarted with the same four skills. If the Active skill next to be fired in the queue is in cooldown at the time, the unit will do a standard attack instead.

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