Totems are magical artifacts that when upgraded give a % boost to the base stats of specific equipment types for your entire team.

General NotesEdit

-The Totem for each equipment type is unlocked through the Book of Sin.

-Gems of Resonance, Demon Armor and Contracts do not get a Totem.

-The boost is a percentage based boost on the base stats of the equipment, so it is fully valid and useful regardless of the Level, Tier and Quality. It has no effect on the value of any enchantments or enhancements. 

-The first 9 levels of upgrades can be done purely for Gold. Past that, Totem Fragments will also need to be consumed. Totem Fragments can be found as rewards on the Campaign map completion wheel and through wilderness Exploration.

-Totem boosts affect your entire team, so your main character plus any Servitor fitted with the corresponding equipment types will get the boost.

-The costs of the upgrades increases rather significantly every 10 levels.

-There is no known upper limit for how high the upgrades can go, although the costs per level of upgrade eventually get quite extreme.

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