The Tournament is a special PvP activity done once each day on each server.

General NotesEdit

-Two hours before the tournament starts players can register to join it from the Contest NPC in the Infernal Fortress

-Five minutes before the tournament starts all the way through to the end of the tournament, players can Attend it to watch the fights and/or boost their forces.

-Players can Boost their forces through five levels, each level increasing the strengh of their units by 20%. The first two levels cost gold, the remaining three cost increasing amounts of Diamonds. This boost lasts the entire tournament

-Players also recieve three free Outbreak charges. One Outbreak charge can be used to increase the strength of your forces by 30% for one fight. When Outbreak is active a player's picture is wreathed in flames, and is visible to the enemies. You cannot get more than three Outbreaks in one tournament.

-All players who have joined the Tournament (not necessarily attending) get divided into either team A (on the left) or team B (on the right).

-There are 25 rounds in the tournament. Each round, players from team A get randomly paired up with players from team B, and each pairing fights a one-on-one PvP duel. You can see your pairing plus two others each round. 

-There is no level restriction on the pairing system. It is fully possible to get a profoundly uneven matchup through a massive difference in levels.

-Your forces do not heal between each round, unless your forces die in which case you get a fully healed team the next round.

-Each round lasts roughly 2 minutes. If one player wins quickly they still have to wait for the rest of the timer before they see the next pairing. The entire tournament will finish within one hour.

-The next pairings occur when 25 seconds are left on the timer, giving that much time for players to choose whether or not they want to use an Outbreak charge. Players can also use a "blind" Outbreak ahead of time after their fight for the current round but before they see the next pairing.

-Players get ranked based on how many wins they have achieved. Players are able to join the Tournament while it is already underway, but they will start at the rank corresponding to if they had lost every round before the one they joined. It is possible for players to tie at a rank if they have the same number of wins.

-Players recieve rewards at the end of the tournament based on what Rank they were able to achieve by the end, the largest number of players they were able to defeat in sequence without dying and if they were able to kill a player that had already defeated a large number of players in sequence. Possible rewards are Gold, Wickedness, Essences and draw tokens for the tournament Puzzle.

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